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Whether you are in the city or the country.
We want everyone to be connected.

Coming Together

Half the world is offline. The World Mobile network is more then giving people access to the internet, it's empowering them in ways many take for granted.

Earth Nodes

Earth Nodes are the heartbeat of the World Mobile network. While the network is being built, we are ready with reliable servers to make sure our users stay connected.

Earn Rewards

The World Mobile network is nearly live. Be ready to join us and earn WMT (World Mobile Tokens). Let us grow together and successfully connecting the unconnected.

Rebooting Telecoms

With the worlds modern technology, we're able to communicate to almost every part of the world. From astronauts on the International Space Station, to submarines at the depths of the sea.

Why is half the world still unconnected?

The solution is World Mobile.
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People Power

Be a part of the network that is run by the people for the people, so anyone can tap into the telecom industry, and make the world a more connected place.

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Delegate and Earn rewards.

As an Earth Node operator, we secure the network and earn WMT as per the tokenomics model. Since the World Mobile network is based on the sharing economy, as the network grows so do your rewards.

What you can do with WMT?

  • Secure the network by staking or delegating to an Earth Node.

  • Easily transfer peer-to-peer or pay online.

  • Cover calls, texts, data usage or online services.

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    Visit World Mobile Token to learn more.

The Experience is backed by experienced system administrators with a history in blockchain.

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Cardano (ADA) Blockchain Explorer

Bridging the gap. has a World Mobile Earth Node reservation and is ready to connect the unconnected.

Be ready to start staking WMT with Not only will you gain WMT rewards, but you will be helping change the lives of others.

By delegating to, you will:

Bridge the digital divide.

Unlock access to digital banking, online education, and healthcare for billions of people worldwide, starting in Africa.

Create a sustainable business model.

Empower entrepreneurs to connect themselves and others while earning rewards.

Unlock the freedom of choice.

Give people the choice to connect to the Internet, so they can earn, learn and grow.

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